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DG-303 3.3m


Wing Span: 3.3 m (130")
Wing Area: 52 dm2 (806 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 1.5/12
Wing Loading: 61 g/dm2 (20 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 3.2 kg (112 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Micro servos for the wings

The DG-303 Elan acro high performance standard class sailplane is the latest development of the well proven DG-300 Elan, offering improved  performance over the total flight regime. It is in all aspect the same as the regular DG-303 Elan except structural to withstand the stress of aerobatics manoeuvres. Also for air shows the DG-303 Elan ACRO will be the perfect aircraft as the appearance of a standard class sailplane is more aesthetic than a glider with short wing span designed for aerobatics competitions only.

This 1:4.5 scale size of this glider makes it an excellent candidate to get into scale soaring. The kit comes with moulded winglet, which improves the gliding performance. The HQ airfoil has very smooth and forgiving flying characteristics, it responds well to thermal and it's low camber allow for high speed and great energy retention for aerobatics. Also easy to hi-start or winch, it likes it behind a tow plane for thermal duration flying and aerobatics routines. The winglets helps the handling in tight thermal circles without tip stalling out.

This is not a kit, the model comes completely built, and ready for radio installation. Only a few hours are required, before you go to the field. The wings hollow molded as any other surface (rudder, elevator). Airbrakes are installed and ready to be connected by the mean of a micro servo in the wing. The winglets are hollow moulded Fiberglas. The high gloss, gel coated Fiberglas fuselage has the wing joiner carrying tubes and control linkage installed. Tail surfaces are finished. A small package hardware and a short building instruction are completing the kit.

Radio requirements are two micro servos for the ailerons and two other micro for the airbrakes, two regular servos for the elevator and rudder. An additional servo might be installed for aerotow. This kit comes with a retract wheel installed for perfect scale.

DG-303 3.3m all moulded ARF kit, price: N/A


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