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ASK-13 3.2m


Scale: 1:5
Wing Span: 3.2 m (126")
Wing Area: 76.6 dm2 (1187 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: AP 43-36
Wing Loading: 41 g/dm2 (13 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 3.2 kg (112 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Sub-Micro servos

The ASK 13 ist a two seat trainer, which you will find in many airfields. Its unique wing-planform, makes it easy to recognize. Designed by Rudolf Kaiser it was built by Schleicher in Poppenhausen.
In this model, lots of care has been taken to be as accurate, so the wing are built up and tells by them self. The root ribs are cut out and let you see the inside of the wing structure as on the original. A beauty.
The wings can easily be retrofitted with airbrakes. The box to receive the airbrakes is prebuilt, so only gluing the airbrakes in is required.
The servo tray will receive the four standard servos: rudder, elevator, tow release. The elevator can optionally be actuated by means of two servos.
This ASK 13 is not only a 1:5 scale reproduction but it fly like the original;, a really puppy. In conjunction with the Aerodynamic High school of Prague a specific airfoil, the AP 43-36 has been developed, permitting a sturdy all wood construction and giving this airplane a great all around characteristics that will fly a gentle speed.  This airplane will do well on a flat field or on the slope.

Kit content:

  • Fiberglas fuselage with installed wing joiner
  • Cockpit frame, sidewise articulated, and canopy
  • Classic built-up wings, finished sanded and covered with Oratex
  • Elevator and rudder built-up as well and finished covered
  • Instructions, wheel, decals, and complete hardware set.

ASK-13  (3.2 m) ARF kit, price: 567.00 US$



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