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HpH 304 CZ 3.1m


Wing Span: 3.13-3.64 m (126-143")
Wing Area: 43.4-47.2 dm2 (672 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: S 4233
Wing Loading: 59-54 g/dm2 (19 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 2.6 kg (91 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Micro servos

Czech full size glider builder HpH in Kutna Hora has taken over the production tooling and the rights from former Glasflügel GmbH to produce the Glasflügel 304 glider again. Jaroslav Potmesil is a master composite builder and skilled glider pilot. Now that he has redone the whole tooling, he produces one of the finest all composite full size glider on the market, that has a surprisingly great performance. The 304-CZ  incorporates upper wing surface spoilers and flaps for the open class and as well as lower weight. New winglets and new wingtip design improves performance. With an L/D of 42.5 this sailplane is competitive with the ASW 24 and Discus without sacrificing that great former Glasfluegel handling and feel. ICARE is please to offer an 1:4.8 super-scaleTM version of this fine flying sailplane.

304-cz-interlock.jpg (33502 bytes)The model is built to the same high level quality, all details have been taken into account to reproduce accurately the full size counterpart. So the wing joiner system is made the same way, an interlocking floating spar system that crosses the fuselage and locks into each opposite wing root. Cockpit comes completely outfitted and canopy opens like the full size. The whole glider is off course fully composite with hollow molded wings of the highest quality. Airbrakes, flaps and ailerons outfit the wings. retract is installed and working. Even the fine flying characteristics have been reproduced and the model behaves nicely in thermals with the long wingtips. Fitted with the short winglets it becomes very maneuverable.

For transportation and handling we have also available a molded transportation case. Experience has proven that most damage to models are due to hangar rush during transportation. This case will give the required protection to your valuable model. It comes with a handy shoulder carry strap for a safe transportation.
This carry case is an replica of the real transportation Cobra trailer.
It is suitable for most scale gliders in the 3.0 m wing span range.



HpH 304-CZ (3.2-3.6 m) FG RTF super scale kit, price: 1789.00 U$

Cobra trailer (case), price: 549.00 $ US


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