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DFS-Kranich 3.6m


Scale: 1:5
Wing Span: 3.6 m (142")
Length: 1.60 m (63")
Wing Area: 93 dm2 (1442 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: MWA 227
Wing Loading: 39 g/dm2 (13 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 3.7 kg (130 oz)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini and micro servos for the wings.

The prototype of the DFS-Kranich was designed at DFS by Hans Jacobs in 1935 and was built in the autumn of that year. It was an enlarged and improved version of Hans Jacobs‘ record breaking single seat Rhönsperber of 1935. In many respects the two were similar in shape and detailed design.
The Kranich was produced from 1935 until the late 1950‘s. Many hundreds of Kranich's were built in Germany before the War, in Germany, Sweden, Spain and Czechoslovakia during the War, and in Poland, Yugoslavia and Spain after the War.
During its long service life, this first mass-produced high-performance two-seater broke almost every record, though at first world records were not easy to set because of the tremendous Soviet two-seater distance records being flown. (407km in 1937 and 619km in 1938) Also, after 1937, the German frontiers were mostly closed because of the political situation. Nevertheless, Kranich achieved some outstanding records in Germany before the War.

In this model, lots of care has been taken to be as accurate, so the wing are built up and tells by them self. The root ribs are cut out and let you see the inside of the wing structure as on the original. A beauty.
The wings can easily be retrofitted with airbrakes. The box to receive the airbrakes is prebuilt, so only gluing the airbrakes in is required.
The servo tray will receive the four standard servos: rudder, elevator, tow release. The elevator can optionally be actuated by means of two servos.
This Kranich is not only a 1:5 scale reproduction but it fly like the original, a really puppy. The original airfoil, permitted an open bay all wood construction, giving this airplane a great all around characteristics with a gentle flying pace.  This airplane will do well on a flat field or on the slope.

Kit content:

  • Fiberglas fuselage with installed wing joiner
  • Cockpit frame, sidewise articulated, and canopy
  • Classic built-up wings, finished sanded and covered with Oratex
  • Elevator and rudder built-up as well and finished covered
  • Instructions, wheel, decals, and complete hardware set.

Thanks to the fine workmanship and finishing, it only needs to have the servos of your choice installed to fly it.

DFS-Kranich II, 3.6 m, RTF kit, price: 729.00, on sale 689.00 U$

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