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Ventus 2c 3m


Wing Span: 3 m (118")
Wing Area:  
Wing Airfoil: S3021
Wing Loading:  
Flying Weight: 1.3 kg (45 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Sub-Micro servos in wings

The Ventus 2c is the high performance open class glider (18 m span) manufactured by Schempp-Hirth in Germany. It features a unique wing planform with three polyhedral. With flaps it allow full trailing edge camber change for improved speed range.

This Ventus 2c  is a 1/6 scale replica and comes as an all molded kit and is highly finished. This model is great on a winch for thermal flying but will do well also on a slope. Building and flying require some skill, thus the designation for intermediate pilot.

The kit comes completely finished. The wings are hollow molded and the ailerons and flaps are hinged. The elevator is bolt on and so removable for ease of transportation. The clear plastic canopy is fitted to the fiberglass tray and hinged sidewise like the full size, molded seat and interior are finishing the cockpit. Retractable landing gear is available as an option. All what's required is your radio gear. You will need 4 sub-micro servos in the wings, 2 micro servos and a small 6 channels receiver.

Ventus 2c (3 m) FG RTF kit, price: 779.00U$
Ventus 2c
(3 m) FG RTF kit, with landing gear installed, price:


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