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DG-1000S 2.5m


Wing Span:  2.50 m (98")
Wing Area:  28.5 dm2 ( 442 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:  S3021
Wing Loading:  42 g/dm2 (13.5 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:  1.1-1.2kg (38-42 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Sub-micro servos for the wings

This is an absolute gorgeous reproduction of the famous DG-1000 from Dirks-Glaser. You have here an accurate 1:8 scale version, in all molded technology. Lots of details have been kept and you will see, the look is fantastic. Original forward swept wing plan-form, double taper elevator, installed retract and airbrakes, seats and instrument mushrooms, side opening canopies, all just like full size. Imagine all the work to do all these details.

Even flying you won't be on rest. Nice gentle handling, smooth stable turns easy to roll into thermals. Neat on the slope with nice balanced sturdy wings. Best its like aero-towed, so you can use its full potential, nice scale climb and ending with low scale passes over the field. It will do aerobatics as well.

The kit comes with a nice molded white fuselage, canopies are fitted and hinged, retract is installed ready to operate, pushrods installed, cockpit seat and instrument mushroom. Wings are hollow molded with airbrakes installed, ailerons live hinged. Wing tips hollow molded as well with a perfect fit

Radio requirements are four micro servos for the ailerons and airbrakes, one micro for the elevator, one for the rudder servo and a last one for the retract. An additional servo might be installed for aerotow.

DG-1000S (2.5 m) all molded, RTF, super scale kit, price: 875.00 U$, on sale 799.00U$

DG-1000M, also available with sls installed, inquiry for pricing




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