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Moebius F5/3J mk2

Moebius F5/3J mk2


Wing Span: 3.35 m (132")
Length: 1.55 m (61")
Wing Area: 67 dm2 (1038 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: MH 32
Wing Loading: 27 g/dm2 (8.7 oz/sq ft.)
40 g/dm2 (13 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1800 g (63 oz) glider
2700 g (96 oz) on 10 cells
Radio: Micro and mini servos 
std receiver
Motor: see power package below

As reviewed in Quiet Flyer of Feb 2004.

Electric motorglider designed for the 7-16 cells LMR (Limited Motor Run) category. Very light and efficient design. 
The MH-32 allows this glider to have great climb and wind penetration capability to search for the thermal. Crow configuration allows accurate landing. Excellent all around glider.

In competition nothing can be left aside. All improved even the smallest need to be taken in account for overall performance increase and finally to give you the leading difference that let you win the contest. Sport flyer will be impressed with the ease they can thermal this ship and the long hang time they will get.

The revolutionary moebius wingtips:
What's the trick: intensive testing have been done in Ukrainian aerodynamic laboratories with wind tunnel. T
hese tips will give you a virtual increased aspect ratio, leading to higher L/D. These devices are now used on many full size glider to improve overall performance. Now the Moebius F5J will allow you to get the feel of this device. Reduced drag means longer hang time and better glide path. When we made the first test flights, it turned out that it was not a tale, but a real winner. A great thermal ship, just bank it into the thermal and it stays there and goes up, penetrates into wind as it would cut the air and stays there for ever. In combination with the MH-32 which likes camber change, it becomes almost unbeatable.

The kit comes as an all moulded glider, with composite built-up tail feather. Wing are pylon mounted to reduce drag at wing/fuselage junction. Wings are in three pieces, center panel bolts down to fuselage, wing tips are plug in. V-tail is composite built-up, removable and incorporate the sub-micro servo. Two nose are supplied, one for glider setup, the other for the electric which incorporates the battery tray. Extensive carbon is used in all parts of the plane, which makes it very sturdy and stiff. Wings are setup to receive 6 servos. Split ailerons allows the use of only outer ailerons servo for minimal drag flight control.

Moebius F5J , price: N/A


Power package on 7 cells (FAI/LMR):

  • Plettenberg HP 220/15/A1 P6 7:1

Power package on 10 cells (high performance LMR):

  • Plettenberg HP220/20/A2 P4 7:1

  • Kontronik FUN500-48 + PG 6.7

Power package on 12 cells

  • Plettenberg HP 220/25/A3 P4 5:1

  • Kontronik FUN500-27 + PG 5.2

Power package on 16 cells:

  • Plettenberg Ergo

  • Kontronik FUN600-32 + PG 6.7


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