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Xplorer-E 3.5m


Wing Span: 3.50 m (137")
Wing Area: 75.85 dm2 (1176 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: NAN-J3J
Wing Loading: 25* - 31* g/dm2 (8 - 10 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: from 2.35 kg (82.8 oz)
Radio: Micro servos in the wings and mini servos or regular equipment in the fuselage
Power setup 3-4 Li setup
Mega 3S to HP220/20/A2 P4 7:1

The Xplorer is F3J world champion model flown by Benedikt Feigl. Following the success of the Shadow, the Xplorer brings the wing span back to 3.5m improving the low speed handling, particularly useful in landings. It still keeps the good hang around capability, so a great thermal duration ship. This design has had very good success now in the Eurotour contest, winning most of them. It seems to be the new design to beat.

This is the electric version of the WC winning Xplorer. Designed for F5J Contest. The wing is 3 piece carbon D-box construction which is both light and strong. The fuselage will accommodate motors up to 35mm diameter and there is room for a 4-8 cell Lipo. The receiver, elevator and rudder servos are housed in special compartments in the fuselage but just behind the wing to distribute weight evenly. The model will fly on a wide range of motors and its fantastic soaring ability is second to none. Fuselage pushrods are pre installed and the kit contains a full hardware pack.

Xplorer-E D-box kit content:
Completely molded airframe, wings are sturdy carbon D-box construction, ready for servo installation. Kevlar/carbon fuselage comes again ready for servo installation with pushrod.

Xplorer-E D-Box, F5J, TD, price: N/A

Following options and accessories are also available:

  • Custom paint scheme.
  • Servo packages (JR, Futaba, Hitec), ask for pricing.
  • Prewired servo harness
  • Power setup, as a combo



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