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Mini Nyx-E


Wing Span: 1.47 m (58")
Wing Area: 23 dm2 (356.5 sq. in.)
Stab. Area: 3.8 dm2 (58.9 sq. in.)
Total Area: 26.8 dm2 (415.4 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HN-354sr
Wing Loading: 75 g/dm2 (24.5 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.100 kg (39 oz) (8 cells)
Radio: Micro servos and micro receiver
Motor Plettenberg Moskito 4G
to HP220/20/A2 P4 5:1

The Mini Nyx-E is the electric version of the slope racer mini Nyx. Designed after the success of it's big brother the F3J/B Nyx and the non less famous Nemesis, the Mini Nyx-E takes the advantage of an efficient slope airframe converted to an electric hotliner. A new larger fuselage has been designed to receive up to max. 10 cells, ideally suited for 7-8 cells LMR setups.

This model features a very fast HN airfoil and construction is related to the outstanding quality that can be found in the complete family of Artemis/Nyx/Nemesis. These planes are light yet very sturdy and durable.

With a light setup (7cells) it may do well in thermal, but where the mini Nyx-E is at its best is when you let him build up speed, so you may do dynamic electric speed flying. All aerobatic maneuvers are feasible and when you bring it to the slope, the electric motor will bring it back before you get into trouble.

The model requires one or two (sub-)micro servos or better for the V-tail and two micro servos or Hitec HS-125MG servos for the ailerons. Power system: from low cost speed 480 to any high end brushless setup, from 7-10 cells.

Mini Nyx-E (7-10 cells), price: 479.00 $ US, on sale at 429.00U$
Mini Nyx slope, price: 479.00 $ US
Mini Nyx DS (full carbon), price: 579.00 $ US


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