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Avionik B-2001


Wing Span: 1.70 m (67")
Wing Area: 24.16 dm2 (374 sq. in.)
Stab. Area: 2.7 dm2 (41.8 sq. in.)
Total Area: 26.8 dm2 (416 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: M90712 (7.0 %)
Wing Loading: max. 75 g/dm2 (24.5 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.7 kg (60 oz)
Radio: Sub-micro servos and micro receiver
Motor Plettenberg FAI 18 cells:  HP 220/30/A1 P6 7:1 F5B-18
24 cells: HP220/30/A2 P4 7:1 F5B-24

World class F5B 27 cells!

The F5B Avionik B-2001 was designed for the new rules used at the 2002 World Championship. It features a larger wings pan then it's predecessor and also has flaps for better thermalling and landing. This model is also computer designed and optimized and is a jewel in art of molding technology. Made from CNC machined moulds the parts, to achieve the best strength to weight ratio, are cured under high pressure and temperature. This leads to amazingly stiff, stable and true parts. Wings are full carbon.

The weight and construction of the different components of the model are:

  • Fuselage: Kevlar/carbon, high pressure 10 kg/m2, weight: 53-56 gr.

  • Wing: sandwich full sp. Carbon-kevlar - balsa - fiberglass, carbon spar (module 400 high temp. + high press.), with flaps. Requires 4 servos like wing-maxx or Wing-star.

  • Stabilizer (V-tail): sandwich of fiberglass - balsa - fiberglass, carbon spar.

  • Special carbon spinner, with 33 mm dia., 12-14 gr only including aluminium yoke.
    Specify motor shaft dia. when ordering.

The model requires an additional (sub-)micro servos or better for elevator. Wing requires four 5125MG Hitec digital or Wing-maxx servos. Power system is any 27 or 24 cells competition motor.

F5B Avionik B-2001 (24-27 cells), price: tbd US
F5B Avionik B-2001
 (24-27 cells),
2 servos OK 2008 -ailerons and 2 servos JR DS161 for flaps installed in the wings, price: 1485.00 $ US


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