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We offer here Laheli line of high end Helicopters, autogyro's and Y-UFO, which have been very successful and proven to be the best heli's on the market in their category. These RC Helicopters are not mass production products but rather high quality, high performance products that are assembled from finely engineered and fabricated parts. They already come fully upgraded no more tuning is required to make it a high performance product.
All spare parts are on inventory and readily available.

The MaxiR series micro helicopters are in the size of 620mm rotor dia and all up weight of around 400g Description of the various MaxiR options
MaxiR pricelist
MaxiR SE pricelist
MaxiR 4L pricelist

The Sniper goes into the 40" rotor dia Helicopter category and weights about 48oz Sniper Helicopter description
Sniper pricelist

The Rotorshape is a great little autogyro that goes into the park flyer category, a great design that LaHeli has now made available Rotorshape description
Rotorshape pricelist

Cierva C30
The Cierva C30 is a great scale autogyro based on the Rotorshape mechanic Cierva C30 description
Cierva C30 pricelist

Difficult to categories such an aircraft, but sure it will turn heads at your flying field, between a UAV and a helicopter Y-UFO description and pricelist

Design philosophy of LaHeli Helicopters, (reprint from LaHeli web site):

At first let us notice, we build our machines with experience and love. All members of our team from the company owner through manufacturing workforce till designer and webmaster are flying our helicopters almost every day. Every team member is capable to fly at least standard aerobatics. Yes, its truth, we don't employ anybody, who cannot fly at least looping, roll and stall turn! As we all fly our machines ourselves, we have constant income of hints and improvement requirements. We all want to fly perfect machines, and no change is made for internal use. Every improvement, as it is verified, is brought to standard production. All we fly standard machines without any factory special parts.

We take maximal care to optimize the construction. Our models have in basic version many features, which are by competition available only as optional tuning. We have almost no functional tuning, as it has no sense for our machines! Our tuning parts are either "nice look" or longevity features without almost no impact to flying characteristics.

Common marker present in our construction is care to optimize the crash, as crashes happen to every model heli pilot. We introduce the programmed crash feature. That outcomes from the fact, if running helicopter hits something solid (like the earth), it is inevitable, something has to broke. We take care to break for first cheap and easy to replace parts, sparing the main expensive core from crash forces. It works similar to electrical fuse in case of short circuit.

For example: If it happens the rotor to stop immediately, the mechanical inertia of the running motor has to brake some teeth. We made our pinions to brake before the main gear teeth can be damaged. Therefore you should never replace the pinion with the metal one, otherwise you are heading to change the more expensive main gear. The same philosophy is present in construction of rotor head and tail drive.

To keep all movement smooth and durable, we set the basic version with 21 ball bearings. At full tuning you can use as much as 25 bearings.

Frame molding enables servo mount by screws without cutting the footers and gluing servos to the frame (as is common at this category at competitive machines). Tail rotor servo has movable bushings, which makes fine tuning easy. All the construction enables replacing crashes parts mostly by screwdriver and spanner. No glue is necessary to replace the tail boom as well as all transmissions and parts of the  head. The battery holder can be moved on the frame to fine tune the center of gravity.

Tempered main shaft in combination with durable head nut make the core almost unbreakable. In case of crash usually are broken just cheap, easy to replace plastic parts. The head itself is stiff and all moving parts have smooth motion. 

Tail rotor was designed with maximal care. Microheli need definitely smooth movement without clearances. The construction employs miniature ball bearings in blades holders. Even the lever moves at precise bearing. Carbon composite blades are lightweight and durable. All the construction eliminates vibration and help to keep gyro sensitivity high to ensure smooth control even at 3D manoeuvres.

Very light and durable lexan cabin helps to keep the weight low, but it is incredibly durable, when you crash.


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