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Cierva C30
LA 500



Rotor: 680 mm (27")
Length: 540 mm (21")
Flying Weight: 300 - 400 g (11 - 14 oz)
Motor: MPJet  AC22/7-45D
Battery: 3 S LiPo 1000 - 1500 mAh


The Rotorshape is a fun autogyro model. An autogyro is a type of rotary wing aircraft supported in flight by lift provided by a rotor. Unlike a helicopter, the rotor of an autogyro is driven by aerodynamic forces alone once it is in flight, and thrust is provided by an engine-powered propeller similar to that of a fixed-wing aircraft.

The rotor is composed by 3 blade. The thrust is provided by a brushless motor outrunner.

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Motor MT2704/9, brushless
Rotorshape slideshow Speed controller Easy 12
  Prop APC 7 x 6SF
Videos: Battery EP13003S1P
ROTORSHAPE autogyro part II   (33Meg) (2) servos HS-55

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