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MaxiR 3D micro helicopter


Rotor: 620 mm (24.4")
Flying Weight: 350 - 420 g (12.3 - 14.8 oz)
Motor: AXI 2208/26
Controller: min. 12 A heli
Battery: 3 S LiPo 1200 mAh
Fligh time: 15 - 20 min


MaxiR MaxiR SE MaxiR SE limited edition MaxiR 4L
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MaxiR Exploded view

Lots of useful information can also be found on following dedicated web site:

For additional question please contact us or one of our Heli sales Reps for more technical questions at following e-mails: Glen Peden or Dominic Rocheleau.


MaxiR high end 3D microheli:

LaHeli company developed the MaxiR after the Rambo in version two (V2) was released for production. With the experience of the previous designs, they developed a new larger main blades for rotor of 62 cm (24.4") and made the required changes to the overall geometry. The frame was totally redesigned to a version with side plates and screws instead of glued parts.

MaxiR is a micro helicopter without compromise. Cheap DC motors were abandoned. The frame is optimized for use of an AXI motors  in the 2208 series. It was also decided that the use of 3 Lithium-Polymer cells was the best, though battery holder designed accordingly.

Flying capabilities of the MaxiR are unique. Slim blades with relatively heavy internal weights,  in combination with lightweight paddles make the MaxiR to be the most stable helicopter of its class, but with no impact to ability to make fast 3D manoeuvres when flying aerobatics. The performance of the AXI motor is higher than most batteries are able to handle (the in-flight performance is limited by the battery). With actual LiPo cells we can compare the Maxir's dynamic to aerobatic machines of the 60 class.

Aerobatic manoeuvrability allows unlimited 3D flying including dynamic changes between "normal" and "inverted" position at zero head speed. The rolls can be made at a rate of 360 per second continuously. Flying backwards and sidewards are limited only by the capability of the gyro to keep the tail aligned.

Concerning the repair/service work, most of it can be made without any glue, all usual serviceable joints are screwed. All parts, which can be broken at a "standard" crash can be replaced within 15 minutes.

We consider the MaxiR to be the top end microsized helicopter.



MAXIR & Model Hobby 2005  (12 MB)

MAXIR & 3D 5 at the same time  (12MB)

MAXIR 4 blades & Microheli Hlinsko 2006   (24MB)

MAXIR 4 blades   (11MB)


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