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Airplanes Motor Selection Chart

Model size Average model weight Examples Motor # of cells


Shockflyer Typhoon micro 6/20 6-8 NiMh ,
and scale, aerobatic 450g/16oz Quasar   2S LiPo
Funflyer/3D 550g/19oz Genie, Freestyle 20 or 24 8-10 NiMh
and scale, aerobatic 800g/28oz Jumping Jack   2-3S LiPo
Small fast airplanes 550g/19oz Nooner Moskito 3, 4 or 6 8-10
Funflyer/3D 700g/24oz   Typhoon micro 15/10 6-10 NiMh
and scale, aerobatic 1.2kg/42oz  Hyperion Yak 55 Freestyle 20 or 24 2-3S LiPo
Funflyer/3D 1.3kg/45oz Diablotin Micro Freestyle L or XL 8-12/3-4S LiPo
Scale, aerobatic 2kg/70oz Ryan STA EP Orbit 10/18, 10/22 8-10/3S LiPo
    Super Sportster EP Orbit 10/18, 10/22 8-10/3S LiPo
Funflyer/3D 1.6kg/56oz Diablotin Mini Freestyle XL 10-12/3S
      HP300/20/A3 12-14/3-4S
      Orbit 15-14 or 15-16 10-12 / 3-4S LiPo
Funflyer/D 1,6-2,2kg Diablotin Super Orbit 20/14 10-12/3S
  3-5lbs  Kabriolin HP 300/30/A2 12-14/3-4S
Funflyer/3D  2,2-2,5kg The Artist Orbit 25/14 12-14/3-4S
   4.5-5.5 lbs Rebelove HP 300/30/A2 12-14/3-4S
Scale, aerobatic airplanes 2 to 3kg U-Can-Do 3D 46 HP 300/20/A3 10-12/3S
  4.5-6.5lbs   HP 300/25/A3 12-14/3-4S
      HP 300/30/A2 10-12/3S
      HP 300/30/A3 14-18/4-5S
     Venus II Orbit 20/16 10-12/3S
      Orbit 20/18 12-14/3-4S
    Super Sportster MkII Orbit 25/16 14-18/4-5S
     Piper J3 Cub (80") Orbit 25/18 18-22/5-6S
Funflyer/3D 2,5-3,2kg Madness EP HP 370/30/A2 18/5S
  5.5-7lbs Funtana S40 Orbit 30-14 5-6S LiPo
      Orbit 25-18 5-6S LiPo
      Orbit 25-12 4S LiPo
Funflyer/3D  3,2-4.2kg Funtana S90 HP 370/40/A3 10 LiPo
   7-9 lbs  U-Can-Do 3D .60 Xtra 25-12 8S LiPo
Scale, aerobatic airplanes  3-4.5kg Cosmic wind HP 370/20/A3 16-20/4-5S
   6.5-10lbs Tiger Moth HP 370/30/A2 18-20/5-6S
    Sukhoi SU 31 HP 370/30/A3 22-28/7-8S
    Rebelove Orbit 30/14 6S-7S LiPo
    Synergy 91 EP Xtra 25-12 8S LiPo
Funflyer/3D 4.5-6kg/  Extra 300 72" Xtra 25-14, Xtra 30-10 10S LiPo
  10-13lbs    HP 370/40/A3 10 LiPo
F3A Pattern   Impact, Xtra 25-13, Xtra 30-10 10S LiPo
Scale, aerobatic airplanes 4 to 6kg Extra 300 HP 370/30/A3 28-30/9-10S
  9-13lbs   HP 370/40/A3 30/10S
    Raven (Delro) Xtra 25-12 8S LiPo
     Giles 202 Xtra 25-14, Xtra 30-10 10S LiPo
Scale, aerobatic airplanes 5 to 8kg Extra 300 HP 370/50/A3 30-32/10S
  9-18lbs 100" SIG Rascal Xtra 25/14 30-32/10S LiPo
Scale, aerobatic airplanes 10 to 15kg Yak 55 SP Predator 30 10-14S LiPo



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