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Mirage 2000-10


Wing Span: 545 mm (22")
Length: 750 mm (29.5")
Flying Weight: 0.590 - 0.650 kg (21 - 23 oz)
Radio: Elevons.
Motor speed controller: 40 Amp Controller.
Motor EDF 55mm dia included
Motor  4200Kv included

The Mirage 2000 is a French-built multi-task fighter jet manufactured by Dassault Aviation. Designed in the late seventies as a lightweight fighter for the French Airforce, it evolved into a successful multi-task aircraft now in service in 9 countries with more than 600 Mirages built. This semi scale reproduction will give you the feel of maneuverability and speed of this jet fighter. This model takes the scheme of jet in the top gun film: Sky Fighters (2005).

The 55mm fan has been optimized and will allow over 1lbs of thrust on a 3S LiPo packs, speed reaching 90mph can be achieved. The delta wing wing allows for very low landing speed, making this airframe quiet forgiving.

The construction is very easily so there is not too much experience needed. This in not a plane for beginners, and you should have some experience flying fast ARF's.

Although this Mirage is a stable airplane, it is not a trainer or first EDF airplane. This airplane is capable of serious aerobatics maneuvers and very high speeds.

- All molded fiberglass fuselage, painted 
- Balsa wings ready, covered
- All parts laser cut
- Clear canopy, painted
- Decal set
- Bungee to ease take off
- Photo illustrated instructions

Mirage 2000-10, ARF kit, includes motor and edf unit,
price: N/A






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