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Viper Jet


Wing Span: 1040 mm (41")
Length: 970 mm (38")
Flying Weight: 0.98 kg (34.5 oz)
Radio: Elevators, Ailerons AND rudder!
Motor speed controller: 70A Controller.
Motor EDF 69mm dia optional
Motor  2W20 or Mega 16/20/2  optional

Designed by Tomahawk in Germany, who manufactures well known turbine powered jets, this edf Viper Jet is a scaled down version of their famous turbine powered Viper mkII. The Viper was designed to be a FUN Jet, meaning that it shall be easy to fly, has great handling, wide speed range and does all aerobatic maneuvers you can imagine, like those long stable knife edge low passes.

Now the EDF Viper Jet has kept those same characteristics, it will fulfill the enjoyment of intermediate and expert pilot with precise aerobatic maneuvers. With the suggested power setup you will have almost 1:1 thrust to weight ratio.

We offer also the specifically designed lighting system designed by Optotronix, read below for more details.


  • Wide speed range
  • Fully aerobatic and precise
  • Very low landing speed
  • High quality, made in Germany

Power setup:

  • WeMoTec Mini Fan-Pro, or Het6904 with HET 2W20 motor, on 4S or 5S LiPo

Kit content:

  • All parts in white
  • fiberglass spar
  • all required small parts in plastic
  • linkage
  • cockpit instruments
  • clear canopy
  • decal set
  • detailed and illustrated instructions
  • Optional lightning set

EDF Viper Jet, price: N/A
EDF Viper Jet, with HET-RC edf combo 6904 edf, 2W20 motor and HET 80A esc
combo price: 344.00U$
Viper Jet lighting set: 26.50 U$

Viper Jet lighting set:
These landing spots are designed like for its large counterpart, very bright and easy to install (only 45min). The units will only be glued in place with CA and comes with gold plated connectors to connect to either 4 or 5 cell LiPo pack. Six of the most brightest 5mm LEDs on the marked are supplied providing a 50.000 60.000mcd luminosity, current consumption remains at a low 60mA (total). In the set you will find (2) landing spot sets, lead wire, clear plastic film to cover the LEDs, step down electronics, installation instructions.



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