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Blade 2


Wing Span: 1.404 m (74")
Length: 1.02 m (66")
Wing Area: 35.6dm2 ( 551 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Semi symetric
Wing Loading: 73-100g/dm2 ( oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 2.6-3.8 kg (91-135oz)
Radio: standard servos and regular receiver recommended
Motor Plettenberg
HP 220/20 A3P6 (5-6S LiPo)
HP 220/30 A4SP4 (6-7S)

High end power jet for the discerning Jet pilot, that will establish new standards. With two high end 90mm ducted fan units, it will achieve impressive vertical climb and very high speeds. The blade's futuristic aerodynamic look will bring you out of the traditional jet experience and let the show go on. Thanks CAD design and CAM manufacturing it was possible to achieve such an optimized design that we couldn't even think possible some years back. All parameter could be optimized to get the most efficient airframe with the best to weight ratio composite structure.


  • Trouble free hand launchable with help of a short bungee.

  • Easy battery pack change through front access panel

  • Easy access to ducted fan

  • Ducted fan integrated air intake

  • Easy access to RC components through removable canopy.

  • Servo cable and antenna prewired into wing.

  • Efficient air intake to keep controller and battery cool.

  • Exceptionally high tortionnal stiffness, thanks carbon D-box wing and carbon spar system.

See Blade 2 video here

Suggested setup:


2 x HP 220/20 A3 SP6 in 2 x Wemotec Midi Fan or
(2) Moki 6S


TMM 8024-3s Expert+


5S, 6S or 7S LiPo pack

Static current:

max. 70A

In flight current:

max. 60A

Flight time:

approx. 6-8 min, depending on pack capacity

Blade 2 all composite twin edf Jet,  price: 859.U$, on sale 789.00 U$


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