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L39 Albatros


Scale 1:8
Wing Span: 1.220 m (48")
Length: 1.495 m (58")
Flying Weight: 1.05 - 1.50 kg (37 - 52 oz) empty
Radio: Elevators.
Motor speed controller.
Motor EDF 90 mm

The scale model of this fighting airplane and in many ways used by air force all over the world as a Jet Trainer, produced with GFK - CFK technology. (glass and carbon fibre strings). Very fine integrated hinges at all rudders. Powered by Turbine or impeller. Can be used without engine like slope soarer (PSS). Standard supplied in colour scheme. Maximum detailed cover with most details like the original, metal sheets (on intake). cloth etc

Two version are available, either for EDF or small turbine. The most powerful EDF setup is made by using the carbon 90mm EDF like our Moki Carbon for 6S LiPo.

This model has been flying in many shows in 2003, on jet power 2003 it was flown with a Wren MW44 and made a impressive impression on the people visiting This is the latest version supplied with rudder, ailerons, flaps and elevators ready hinged. There are many colour schemes to choose from and so far none of the planes we have seen have the same colour scheme! With flaps the model is a super performer and can land and takeoff from a club grass field.

The plane is an ideal match for the MW44 turbine.

This L-39 can fly with this size of turbine, for this purpose the airframe is reinforced with carbon fibre on most critical places so it will withstand g- forces at high speed aerobatic manoeuvres. This is our third generation of the L-39 (Turbine ) with all the improvements that have been made fourth the years. We don't supply legs and wheels, the wing is prepared for the Springair 300 retracts .

L-39 is manufactured in several different designs:

1. All silver, painted inside mould.
2. All silver, prepared for retracts.
3. For turbine, the fuselage and wing is reinforced with carbon so it can withstand more stress and heat.
4. Different air-brush designs.
5. For EDF there is full GFK ducting for 90 - 94 mm diameter fans (MOKI) or 90 - 94.7 mm (Shuebeller, Schloser)
6. Landing Flaps and rudder.

L-39 Albatros, pricing:

Base price (silver) is 749.00U$
options add:
90mm edf ducting: 179.00U$
rudder: 63.00U$
ready for retracts:  135.00U$
pneumatic retract accessories: 82.00U$
pneumatic retract Jet-1A: 699.00
custom airbrush: 250.00-650.00U$
Wing and fuselage cushioned carry bags: 115.00U$

Moki fan 90mm with AC 22/6S: 489.00U$
esc tmm 8024-3s expert+: 179.00U$


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