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F-16 Falcon


Scale 1:10
Wing Span: 1.118 m (44")
Length: 1.50 m (59")
Flying Weight: Empty EDF version: 1.35 kg (47 oz)
Turbine carbon version: 1.60 kg (56 oz)
Radio: Elevators.
Motor speed controller.
A working rudder can also be fitted.
Motor EDF size 90 - 120 mm
Wemotec Mini Fan or EDF 6904
Turbofan 4000

The F-16 is a single-seater air-combat and multi-role fighter. It excels thanks to its superb maneuverability.

This scale model is produced in all molded technology FG - CF technology. (glass and carbon fiber). Control surfaces are live hinges. It is of very high quality and comes in highly detailed scale. As pictures below shows, all with panel lines, rivets, screws and hatches are reproduced for accurate scale.

Two version are available, either for EDF or small turbine. The most powerful EDF setup is made by using the carbon Turbofan 4000 (120mm dia.) and the matched Plettenberg HP370/40/A1 S brushless motor on 10S LiPo. But most popular setup is with a 90mm EDF like our Moki Carbon for 6S LiPo.

Note that this model is also suitable for slope soaring (PSS).

F-16 Falcon Gold Edition, prices and options:

Base price (silver) is 979.00U$ (includes flaps, rudder, reinforced)
custom airbrush: 316.00U$ (tigermeet scheme)
90mm edf exhaust ducting: 63.00U$

Moki carbon fan 90mm w/motor: 489.00U$
esc tmm 8024-3s expert+: 179.00U$


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