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Wing Span: 1.5 m (60")
Length: 1.1 m (46")
Wing Area: 42 dm2 (650 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Semi symetric
Wing Loading: 60 g/dm2 (19.5 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
Radio: 3 standard servos and regular receiver recommended
Motor HP 300/30/A3 or 
Orbit 25-16 on 4S/3P

A gorgeous looking racer from the 50's!

This new airplane is a Sport Scale design from an Art Williams pylon racer, flying in the '50's. Manufactured by D.L. Aéromodèle, this airplane was designed as a sport flying airplane, not as a racer. It is very easy to fly, stable and is an excellent choice for a modeler who has completed his training on a low wing, aerobatics airplane. ICARE is now proud to offer this high quality kit as an electric conversion kit.

The fuselage is epoxy glass and has a separately molded engine cover. The kit comes with sheeted foam wings (all wings are cut from high density virgin foam and the sheeting is glued using a slow curing epoxy, not a contact cement), pre-cut balsa pieces and machine cut plywood pieces. It also comes with a clear canopy, vacuum formed wheel pants and pilot bust. A complete hardware package is also supplied.

The airplane is 59" wingspan, 46" long and weights 5 1/2 pounds. Use any power system that can turn a 11 x 8 prop at 9000 rpm. We recommend our Plettenberg HP300/30/A3 as .40 size motor substitute on 12-14 cells or the Orbit 25-16 outrunner on LiPo.

The estimated working time to build is 20 hours before finishing. The wings and tail surfaces can either be glassed and painted or covered with a plastic film.

Estrellita presheeted wing kit, price: N/A


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