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Miss Towing


Wing Span: 2.84 m (112")
Length: 1.99 m (78 ")
Wing Area: 123.2 dm2 (1909 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Naca 4412
Wing Loading: 73-90 g/dm2 (  oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 9 - 11 kg (19-24 lbs)
Radio: std servos and receiver recommended
Motor: 60cc to 80cc (100cc max)
Electric with Predator 37-6

Miss Towing (Miss Tractor) is a purpose designed aircraft for aerotowing larger scale gliders. It is also well suited to carry a payload, like for aerial photography, pulling streamers, parachuting, schooling, ...

It shall be equipped with a 60-80cc engine depending of the work to be carried out. Fitted with a 30cc it becomes a great large club trainer model.

Flaps are also very efficient and thanks their hinge configuration allow a 90 deg drop and gives this airframe real V/STOL capabilities.

A rugged and durable landing gear will allow multiple landing and take offs even on a very rough surface.

Last but not least, the versatile Naca 412 airfoil will give this airplane a very smooth and forgiving flight behaviour

The kit comes as an ARF plane:

  • All build up ply and balsa fuselage covered with Oracover.

  • A build up open framework wing with ailerons and flaps, covered with Oracover.

  • A fibreglass gel coated engine cowl

  • All aluminum main landing gear

  • Complete tail wheel assembly

  • Extensive high quality hardware kit, containing all control links, fibreglass control horns, special fibreglass hinges, king size ball links, radio hatch with latch, special removable servo mounts

  • CNC cut vinyl stickers

  • step by step build instructions

A great club workhorse

Miss Towing (tractor) ARF kitprice: 969.00 U$, intro offer 899.00 U$


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