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Giles 202


Wing Span: 1.88 m (74")
Length: 1.68 m (66")
Wing Area:  dm2 ( sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Semi symetric
Wing Loading:  g/dm2 ( oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 4.8 kg (10.5 lbs)
Radio: standard servos and regular receiver recommended
Motor Plettenberg Xtra 30

A gorgeous all composite large aerobatics airplane for electric!

This exquisite Giles 202 has been reworked for electric power. Airframe structure has been lightened with state of the art composite structure to give the best weight to stiffness/strength ratio, complete airframe weight is now under 2.5kg.

The fuselage is epoxy glass, carbon and honeycomb reinforced, as the hollow wing moulding. Carbon tube wing joiner system, removable carbon landing gear, clip on stabs and rudder. Every part has been thought for ease of transportation. Canopy is hinged like full size allowing to complete the cockpit with scale interior. The pictures below will tell you more then many words.

Recommended power system is the Plettenberg Xtra 30, on 8S3P or 10S3P. This setup will deliver tremendous performance allowing all kind of routines to be flown.

All parts come pre-painted, custom paint scheme available upon request.

Giles 202 scale all composite,  price: 899.00 $ US


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