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Pilatus Turbo Porter PC-6 2.07m


Wing Span: 2.07 m (81.4")
Length: 1.55 m (61 ")
Wing Area: 54 dm2 (837 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Naca 2415
Wing Loading: 73-81 g/dm2 (  oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 4.2-4.7 kg (9 lbs)
Radio: std servos and receiver recommended
Motor: .60 to .72 four stroke
Electric with Axi 4130/16

The Pilatus Turbo Porter PC-6 is famous in the aviation world for its Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) performance on almost any type of terrain. (click on the link for more details)

This is the 3rd improved version of this popular series of Porter PC-6 tow planes. It basically shares the same airframe as the predecessor and is also perfect as a tug, but also a joy to fly and see!
Accurately reproduced with its typical shape, and has great handling. The generous flaps will allow steep dive back, without acceleration, and make a soft land at your feet, thanks the shock absorbed landing gear, and get an other glider on tow quickly.

A pure pleasure to fly!

Here the the major differences between the standard version and this super scale version:

*Slightly increased wingspan, thanks the new fibreglass moulded wing tips
*Sheet metal reproduction on all control surfaces (elevator, rudder, ailerons and flaps)
*Fiberglas moulded instrument panel, for a more realistic interior
*New curved scale windshield
*New scheme in SkyDive PARA CENTER

This is a very quick build kit, all major assembly work, to make sure that wing stab and rudder will be installed square has been done at factory.

Kit content:
  • Completely built fuselage, made out of ply/balsa, covered with Oracover and complete scheme and markings factory applied
  • Fibreglass motor cowling, painted. Turbo prop exhaust in fibreglass.
  • Curved windshield and windows in PVC
  • Aluminum tow release mechanism installed,
  • Scale aluminum landing, spring loaded, and all wheels supplied
  • Directional tail wheel, shock absorbed
  • Wing are built up in two pieces, Oracover covered, ailerons and flaps finished in sheet metal reproduction, hinged by pin hinges, marking factory applied. Wing tips in fibreglass installed
  • Hard wood struts with aluminum fittings
  • Build up tail fully covered, rudder and elevator finished in scale sheet metal look
  • All required hardware and fully illustrated assembly manual.

docDownload instructions

Equipped with a .72 four stroke or a .65 engine it is pretty light, yet feature a strong construction, it is a very gentle flying tug. It has proven to be a reliable and long lasting plane, going through several heavy flight season without any trouble.
Electric tug is also possible with a Axi 4230/16 on 6S LiPo, it will tow 5-12lbs gliders to sky's limit.

This Pilatus has proven to be a great and easy to fly tug.

Pilatus Porter PC-6, super scale, ARF kitprice: 609.00 U$, on sale 589.00 U$

Combo package available upon request.

New color scheme:

Recommended servos:

HS - 311


        HS - 635HB


HS - 475HB


  HS - 325HB

(2) ailerons
(2) flaps


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