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Diablotin Mini


Wing Span: 1.28 m (0")
Wing Area: 49 dm2 (759 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Funfly
Wing Loading: 30 g/dm2 (10 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.5 kg (53 oz)
Radio: Standard radio. Regular and mini servos.
Motor AXI 2820/10


Diablotin mini



Diablotin mini super


Intermediate size of the Diablotin family, this one will give you a lot of wild flying Sunday afternoons at a lower cost than itís bigger brothers. Diablotin Mini is another one from this super light group of airplanes capable of full 3D aerobatic flight. It comes in two version: regular build up construction that is also suited for gas engines and a super light version for electric only.

Ready-built balsa ribs and spar strong one piece wing, nice gel coated yellow fiberglass cowl, clear canopy and superbly done Ultracote transparent covering are only some of the great features of those ARF planes. Like all of this high quality series, boxes contain all necessary hardware and CAD detailed drawing.

Diablotin Mini RTF kit, price: 249.00 $ US (ideal for .40 gas engines as well)
Diablotin Mini Super RTF kit, price: 249.00 $ US


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