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CAP 232


Wing Span: 0.8 m (31")
Wing Area: 20.2 dm2 (314 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: E168
Wing Loading: 33 g/dm2 (11 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 0.65 kg (23 oz) / 
Radio: Std Rx. - micro servos.
Motor 7 to 10 cells:
Plettenberg Freestyle 20
Mini AC Extreme

Produced by CAP Unlimited of Dijon, France, the full size CAP 232 is considered the best aerobatic aircraft in the world. The CAP 232 is “the aircraft of choice” for the world's best competition aerobatic pilots. The CAP series aircraft have been flown by three of the last four World Aerobatic Champions. You can now fly an outstanding parkflyer size scale model of this current famous full size French aerobatic airplane.

This ARF kit comes with a nice fiberglass molded fuselage whit a perfect yellow gelcoat finish. The model builds quickly with all parts already strongly assembled and finished. The wing, stab and fin are all ready done. The plane built-up balsa rib/spar wing is covered in a multicolor Breitling Chronograph scheme. A complete hardware package and colorful decals are also included. With our recommended power system you are not going to be left wanting for more power!

This is not a beginners airplane, but in the hands of an experienced R/C pilot and whit the right power setup any trick in the book that you are up to trying is available.

Cap 232 RTF kit, price: 189.00 $ US  


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