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Wing Span: 0.86 m (34")
Length: 0.965 m (38")
Wing Area: 22.4 dm2 (347 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Symetric
Wing Loading: 31 g/dm2 (10 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 700 g (24 oz)
Radio: 4 sub-micro servos and receiver recommended
Motor Axi 2217/16
Kontronik Dancer EVO

Great little FUNFLYER, very handy and maneuverable. Aerobatics, 3D, torque roll, name it he'll do it!

This sport plane has a smooth behavior, stable, forgiving and is an excellent choice for a modeler who has completed his training on a low wing, aerobatics airplane. Powered by a 200W outrunner the Hellbat is very light and agile.

This high quality kit comes completely finished. The whole plane is built up and covered. All parts are fitted, the work left is to glue the tail surfaces in place, and hinge all control surfaces. Install your radio gear (sub-micro servos recommended) and the appropriate power system and you are set.

Combo available containing: Hellbat ARF, motor, esc, battery, prop assembly.

Hellbat ARF kit, price: 169.00 $ US, now only 99.00U$!
Hellbat Combo kit available upon request



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