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Wing Span: 1.18 m (46.5")
Wing Area:   dm2 (  sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: sym.
Wing Loading: 23 g/dm2 (7.2 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.2 - 1.3 kg (43-47 oz)
Radio: Standard radio. micro servos.
Motor Kora 15-12

From 3DHobbyShop.com we bring you a new ARF - but something different this time - a true precision aerobatic aircraft, one specifically designed to fly pattern maneuvers with grace.

At 46.5" wingspan and 43-47 oz. RTF weight, the Aspera is the perfect size for easy and convenient pattern and precision flight practice. Great tracking and honest handling mean you'll have a quality flying experience. While not a 3D aircraft, the Aspera features gentle and predictable low-speed characteristics. You'll have no problem flying complex maneuvers on the deck - the Aspera won't bite.

Quality wood construction means your Aspera will be with you for seasons to come, and molded carbon-fiber landing gear keeps weight down for best performance. The cowl and wheel pants are painted fiberglass. A full hardware package is included, as well as a full-color decal sheet. Battery access is easily accomplished through the magnetic canopy-hatch. The Aspera is extremely quick and easy to assemble

The recommended power system for the Aspera is the Kontronik Kora 15-12 outrunner motor, with the TMM Easy 40 speed control. A 3S Lipoly pack 2100-3400 20C matched with an 12x6 - 13 x 6.5 APC E prop gives great performance - full throttle is rarely needed. Other brushless outrunners 350 Watts and up are also appropriate. 4 X Hitec HS-65 servos are required.

Great looks, easy handling, and great power also mean the Aspera is just plain FUN as a sport aircraft. It fits easily into the pattern at any club field, and it will make you look good if you want to flex your aerobatic muscle.


Aspera F3A ARF kit, price: sold out!


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