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Acro Prism


Wing Span: 1.6 m (63")
Wing Area: 30.8 dm2 (477 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: SD 6060
Wing Loading: 64 g/dm2 (21 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 2.0 kg (70 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Sub-Micro servos
Acro Prism, well we made it. Once something different, off the main stream, but hot and FUN! A Stunt Aerobat airplane!

The Acro Prism was designed with two criteria in mind: speed and aerobatics. Two years of tedious development lead to this amazing airframe.

Acro Prism the stunt aerobat. If you like the thrill of speed, and you want something that can handle a complete F3A routine precisely, here you go. Wings and stab are inline, zero calage. A proven aerobatic airfoil, that handles inverted as well as normal flying. A large fuselage to accommodate those thirsty Lipo's and your preferred power setup to pull this airframe out of the sky's limit.

Construction is fully moulded, a single piece carbon D-box wing with a sturdy spar to withstand those high G turns. A beefy fibreglass fuselage to carry your power setup and withstand those harder landings.

Recommended power setups:

  • 600W: Mega 3S on 3S
  • 1kW: Orbit 25-12 on 5S
  • 1.5kW: Orbit 30-12 on 8S
Prism Stunt Aerobat FG ARF kit, price: 489.00 US$, on sale at 469.00U$

Prism Stunt Aerobat FG ARF kit, Kevlar fuselage, price: 535.00 US$


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