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Need help in selecting the right setup for your project, just call or e-mail with the specs of your airplane, Heli, Car or boat, and we will guide you to the best choice.
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F5B World championship 2004 Reviews Motor Instructions

Xtra 30-9 Evo II now in stock.

Terminator is Plettenberg's answer for IMAC. It fills the gap between the EVO and the Predator, and will handle up to 6kW!, and so allow to power large aerobatic airplane up to 36lbs... Now available!

Predator 30-8, is now the answer for large scale and 3D aircraft. Will fly 3D planes up to 33lbs and scale up to 66lbs! Up to 12kW of power!
See also mounting hardware for Predator.
Predator 30/8 flies with great success at the Tucson 2005 shootout. The first 10kW motor that will fly IMAC/A planes and replaces a 100-150cc gas motor.
Read more here..(from Walt Perko)

Xtra 30-Evo, high performance version of this popular outrunner now available. Up to 3.5kW of pure power. Will fly scale aircraft up to 20lbs

Going new ways in motor installation and prop adapters for outrunners. Look at these smart hardware for Xtra motors.

Plettenberg has made available a serie of valuable accessories for the Orbit series of outrunners, like rear mount conversion, extension for narrow fuselage and active cooling.

Whole Team F3A Canada has chosen Plettenberg Xtra25, see more: www.f3acanada.org, news.
F3A World Championship is held in France, 18-28 August 2005

Congratulation to F3A team Canada! Chad Northeast, Adam Glatt and Dez Vaghy, well represented our country in France with their electric powered airplanes. Chad made best placing from the team finishing 17th and qualifying for the semi-finals (20 world bests) and finishing 20st at the semi-finals. 43 countries were represented with 118 pilots! New World Champion for the 4th time is Christophe Paysant-Leroux.
Chad was using Plettenberg Xtra 30-10 with great success!
For the results and official site: http://www.world-championships-f3a.com/

More Xtra-25-13 prop measurement, over 18lbs of thrust!

Plettenberg huge outrunner for large airplane application:
Xtra 25-14, will swing huge 18 to 20" prop in sport scale airplanes 28-32 cells or 9-10 LiPo, good for 12lbs airplanes

Xtra 25-13 for F3A pattern, 10S2P Kok2100HD, 18 x 12 APC, ideal for 9lbs airplanes.

Bernd Beschorner, is German Champion in Class F3A and made 5th place at European Championship in Lisbon (Portugal) with the same a setup, having so flown the first electric direct drive setup making the top places!

In recent FMT (German modelling magazine) (4) four F3A setup were tested and compared. The Plettenberg Xtra achieved best overall performance. Comparative test was made with Xtra 25-13, Torcman TM430-30-30, Lehner 2230-16-13 PG6:1 and Hacker C50-Acro PG6.7:1. Plettenberg Xtra 25-13 achieved highest power output, lowest weight, lowest noise and stayed the coolest during tests at 40 C proving it's very high efficiency.

The finest motor for the best pilot: Christophe Paysant Leroux has chosen Plettenberg Xtra 25-13 for his new Oxalys F3A.

The new HP370/40/A2 Heli is specifically designed for large Helicopters like Joker II or Fury Ion and will perform full 3-D. It comes equipped with integral fan and cooling ribs for highest efficiency. Tested on heli of over 12lbs and rotor dia. of 1500 - 1600 mm it is the perfect 3D setup with the Schulze fut. 40-160K esc.

F5B World championship in York (august 2004):

Plettenberg motors and Schulze controller remain unbeatable. 5 of the top 10 places are held by pilots using following equipment: HP220/37/A1 P6 7:1 and future 32.120F. This setup was specifically developed for these championship and will no longer produced since the rule changes.
More about here.

Following reviews are available online (ezone):

Click here to download/view the English Manual for Plettenberg brushless electric motors (Acrobat document).



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