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Brushless Motors

With the incredible array of brushless motors available these days, we thought to add a specialty brushless motor section, from various manufacturer that designed motor for specific application

Brushless motors have become the power system of choice for many modelers because of their increased power, high efficiency and more recently, reduced costs. We at ICARE/ICARUS offer a wide selection of motors from many manufacturers because they are all different and each has their own particular advantages in specific applications. We stock the largest brushless system selection you may find on the market, so we will have everything you need to ensure success in your particular project. Selecting the right power system for your needs can sometime be a daunting task. We will be very pleased to help you choose the ideal set of components to make your project a success. Just call or e-mail your requirements to us and we will suggest the most appropriate setup to meet your needs.

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Specialty brushless

Dedicated motors for gliders, airplanes, etc..
Also DIY (do it yourself) kits

Predator 30-8, in stock.
See our selection chart by application:
Airplanes, Helicopters, Cars, Boats

Kohler Elektromotor has developed the Actro line of motor and were the first offering outrunner types electric motors to the RC Hobby community. They gathered good reputation with their rugged and reliable and high performance motors, particularly on the Heli domain

Full line in stock.

Complete AXI line in stock


A wide array of brushless EDF motors
Offers a complete line of 6 pole inrunner motor and some nice DIY self brushless kits


  Dealer inquiry welcome, you may download application form here.

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