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Electric Ducted Fans
70mm 90mm 120mm 145mm
WeMoTec Aeronaut TF2000    
WM-400 Moki Aeronaut TF4000 Aeronaut TF8000
EDF 6904 EDF 9305    


Mini Fan Pro

Material: Nylon, ABS, Aluminum spinner
Aeff: 22,55 qcm
Weight: ca. 60 g with intake lip
Rotor: 68mm dia., 5 bladed
Max rpm 45,000 rpm
Application: 100-700W
Static Thrust 2-14N (7 to 50oz)
Info: The glass reinforced five bladed rotor comes in one piece, which makes assembling of the unit quite easy. With a standard SPEED 480 race motor on eight cells one can achieve thrust figures in excess of 400 grams. With the Plettenberg 200-20-6 or similar, thrust figures of 600 g and more are easily achievable, and with brushless motors from Aveox, Hacker, Kontronik and Lehner thrust figures up to 10 N have been measured.
Price: 44.95 $ US

EDF 6904

As substitute to the Mini fan 480 we offer also the edf6904 from HET RC at 36.00U$
This fan features the same specs as the mini fan 480, is slightly stiffer which will provide an additional 10% of thrust.

Ideally suited motors:

Mega 16/15/2 on 3S
Mega 16/20/2 on 4S
Mega 16/15/3 on 4S
Mega 16/25/2 on 4S
Mega 16/25/3 on 5-6S

EDF 9305

As substitute to the Midi fan, we offer also the edf9305 from HET RC at 49.90U$
This fan features the same specs as the midi fan, is slightly stiffer which will provide an additional 10% of thrust.

Technical Data:
- Carbon Filled Plastic, Aluminum
- Outside Diameter: 93mm
- Inside Diameter: 89mm
- Weight: 100 grams - 116 grams (with heat sink)
- Rotor: 5 bladed (88mm) dynamically balanced
- Comes complete with tools and instructions

Click here for Typhoon HET-RC brushless EDF motors


This unit is for use in the same application as the Wemotec mini fan 480. While it has a revolutionary concept where the motor is front of the rotor. Ideal for motor cooling and improving airflow after the rotor since nothing else then the stator is in the way, so no unnecessary wire drag.


Ideally suited motors:

Mega 16/15/2 on 3S
Mega 16/20/2 on 4S
Mega 16/15/3 on 4S
Mega 16/25/2 on 4S
Mega 16/25/3 on 5-6S

Price: 49.00U$


Midi Fan Pro

Material: Nylon, ABS, Aluminum spinner
Aeff: 45,6 cm2
Weight: ca. 105 g
Rotor: 88mm dia, 6-bladed, glass filled rotor
Max rpm 35,000 rpm
Application: 200-1000 W
Ageom.: 49,4 cm2
Static Thrust: 7-22 N (24-78oz)
Info: The standard for 90 mm ducted fans! Our Midi Fan follows the same design philosophy, that made the Mini Fan 480 a world wide success already. It replaces both, Eco Fan II (EJT 540 unit) and Eco Fan pro (EJT cobalt unit). The new Midi Fan stands for:
- maximum static thrust
- high efficiency at all speeds
- optimised sucking capability even in extreme ductings
The fan can be driven by a simple 540 can motor on seven cells, or by brushless motors running on more than 20 cells.
Depending on the motor used, static thrust in excess of 700 grams can be achieved at 200 W input only, but the fan can be run on up to 1000 W input delivering 20 N of thrust and more.
The fan unit comes nearly ready to use. Just the rotor and motor need to be mounted.
Eco Fan II and Eco Fan-pro can easily be upgraded to the new standard by changing rotor and adaptor only. Costumors reported, that the mangaged to upgrade fans of other manufacturers as well.
Price: 69.95 $ US

HW 609

Material: Nylon, ABS, Aluminum
Aeff: 32,2 qcm
Weight: ca. 72 g (int. parts and shroud)
Rotor: 75 mm, 6-bladed
Ageom.: 32,8 qcm
Max rpm 38,000 rpm
Static Thrust: ca. 5-14 N (18-50oz)
Info: The smallest fan of our HW range is a cut down version of the Midi Fan. This can especially be seen at the rotor design. this unit has reduced torque consumption and increased rpm instead.
This makes fitting existing electric motors much easier. You can choose a 16 turn buggy motor running on 7-8 cells at the low end, an Ultra 920-4 for better performance, or even choose a motor like the powerful HP 290-20-6 running on up to 14 cells or similar brushless systems. You should choose this EDF unit if the Mini Fan 480 is not powerful enough, and if there is no suitable space available to fit a 90 mm fan unit. Of special interest is this fan unit as a tuning fan in models like Robbe „Gnat“ or Kyosho „T-33“ and „F-16“. These models are typically driven by an Ultra 920-4 running on eight standard size cells, or a brushless system.
For this purpose we offer a special set, that is reduced in price, compared to the complete kit.
Price: 98.95 $ US


Turbofan 2000 (7249/35)

Material: Carbon
Rotor: 90 mm dia
Motor size max dia 40mm, Kv: 1140->2100 rpm/V
Static Thrust: 40 N (>8 lbs) on 5S LiPo (~190A)
Price: 319.00 $ US, on sale 299.00U$


Turbofan 4000 (7249/40)

Material: Carbon
Weight: 120 g
Rotor: 120 mm dia
Static Thrust: 45 N (159oz)
Price: 389.00 $ US, on sale 369.00U$
Motor V A n/min W Static
HP 300/40 A2 S 20 24.90 14 696 498 1485 gr 52.4 37.40
HP 300/40 A2 S 24 34.50 17 287 828 2082 gr 73.4 44.29
HP 300/40 A2 S 28 45.10 19 842 1263 2724 gr 96.0 50.65
HP 300/40 A2 S 32 55.20 22 298 1766 3465 gr 122.2 57.13
HP 300/40 A2 S 36 66.30 24 550 2387 4230 gr 149.2 63.12
HP 300/30 A2 S 24 23.30 15 175 559 1600 gr 56.4 38.82
HP 300/30 A2 S 28 30.20 17514 846 2114 gr 74.6 44.62
HP 300/30 A2 S 32 38.10 19 725 1219 2676 gr 94.4 50.21
HP 300/30 A2 S 36 46.70 21 931 1681 3362 gr 118.6 56.28
HP 300/30 A2 S 40 58.10 24 127 2324 4186 gr 147.7 62.79
HP370/40A1 S 10-12S LiPo 110     4500 gr 159.0  

Turbofan 8000 (7249/80)

Material: Carbon
Weight: 140 g
Rotor: 145 mm dia
Static Thrust: 120 N (>26 lbs) on 12S LiPo (~190A)
Price: 548.00 $ US, on sale 479.00U$



Moki EDF ACn 22/6S

Material: All Carbon
Weight: 260 g incl. motor ACn 22/6S
Rotor: 94 mm
Static Thrust: > 30 N
Power  approx 1.1kW
Battery requ'd 6S LiPo
Price: 489.00 $ US (including special built in edf motor)

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