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Schulze Kontronik UBEC


(any other types available upon request)

Model Airplane and Heli controller Price $ US Sale U$ Current rating Cell count
slim-10bek 37.00 35.00 10/15 A (5)6 - 10
slim-105bek (high rate) 59.00 56.00 5/7 A (5)6 - 10
Schulze slim-20bek 39.00   20/26 A 6 - 10
Schulze slim-55beq 79.00   55/72 A 6 - 12
Schulze slim-105He (Piccolo tail rotor) 49.00 46.00 5/7 A  (5)6 - 10

Model BEC / Opto Price $ US Sale U$ Current rating Cell count
Rondo 300 BEC 24.00 18.00 8/12 A 6 - 10
Rondo 300 with Speed 6V BEC 32.00   8/12 A 6 - 10
Rondo 400 BEC 27.00   15/18 A 6 - 10


The Ultimate BEC eliminates the need for a separate battery pack to power your Rx and servos in electric powered aircraft, cars and boats. Numerous glow and gas powered models can benefit from the UBEC by using it to regulate a 3-cell Lithium pack to power receivers. (Read below for more info).

Use the Ultimate BEC when your cell count and / or number of servos exceed your speed control's ratings.

Model Volts in Volts out Current rating Dimensions Price $ US Sale U$
35 Volt Ultimate BEC 35 5 3/5 A 1 1/4" w x 1 3/4" l x 3/8" t 30.00  
45 Volt Ultimate BEC 45 5 3/5 A 1 1/4" w x 1 3/4" l x 3/8" t 40.00  
Ultimate BEC 6V Aircraft 40 6 3/5 A 1 1/4" w x 1 3/4" l x 3/8" t n/A  
Ultimate BEC 6V Car 40 6 3/5 A 1 1/4" w x 1 3/4" l x 3/8" t 37.00  

Simple to install:

  • All you do is solder the UBEC input leads onto your speed control power input leads.

  • Plug the UBEC into your RX where you would plug in your Rx battery. - OR - Plug the UBEC into an standard on/off switch harness.

  • Make sure you disable your speed control's BEC.


What makes the Ultimate BEC different from the BEC in my speed controls?
Speed controls use a linear voltage regulator to reduce your battery pack voltage to 5 volts. The challenge with this kind of system is that it is limited by the input voltage and output current. Each ESC has a limit as to the amount of watts of heat it can dissipate. The Ultimate BEC is a switching power supply where input voltage and output current are independent of each other.

Will the Ultimate BEC cause any radio interference?
Absolutely not. As a matter of a fact, most speed controls put out way more "noise" than the UBEC. The UBEC has been designed on a custom copper flooded board and utilizes a shielded coil to eliminate any "noise". Most importantly, any "noise" that radiates from the UBEC is not relevant to the bands within our radio systems.

How do you keep your battery from running too low?
Most speed controls have a low voltage cutoff feature to keep you from running down your battery too low. Most low voltage cutoff features cut power to your motor between 4.7 to 5.5 volts. The UBEC will go into bypass mode at 5.5 volts. Thus, your Rx will still get power from your battery.

How many servos can I run on the UBEC?
Servo current vary by brand and type. However, 8-10 servos should be no problem. The main thing to remember is that the UBEC is rated for 3 amps continuous / 5 amps peak.

How many cells can I use with the UBEC?
29 cells is the maximum.

Are there any applications that the UBEC would not be a good choice?
I would not suggest that you use a UBEC in any plane that you run a GREAT risk in blowing out your source battery. You will have to make the choice for yourself. (The best example of when not to use a UBEC would be a hotliner that is pulling extreme current from the source battery.)

How can the UBEC be used in glow and gas powered applications?
Since the UBEC is much more efficient than a linear regulator, it is a perfect match to use with lithium batteries to power a receiver. The UBEC runs at better than 90% efficiencies when run within specs. What does this mean? You will get significantly more usable energy from the lithium battery pack to power your receiver than if you used a linear regulator. We only recommend 3-cell packs in this application. the higher your input voltage....the more efficient your system will be. When using a 3-cell pack for your source power, the current draw from the battery pack will be almost half of what a 4-cell NiCad pack would require. Here's an example:

A 3-cell lithium pack that is 840 mah in capacity would power your receiver and servos for about the same amount of time as a 1500 mah 4-cell NiCad pack. If the radio system draws 4 amps a 5 volts (20 watts)...the 4-cell NiCad pack will have to drain at 4 amps. However...the 3-cell lithium pack will only have to dump about 2 amps to deliver the 20 watts thru the UBEC.


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