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FOX 4.0m


Wing Span: 4.07 m (160")
Length: 2.1 m (82")
Wing Area: 101 dm2 (1565 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 1.5/12 modified
Wing Loading: 70 g/dm2 (22 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 7.8-8.5 kg (275-299 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Mini servos for the wings
After the success of the Swift, the designer had to make a two seater, which will be the first aerobatic two seater for training and teaching. This model is a semi-scale reproduction of this famous polish aerobatic sailplane. They are build to the same high quality standard and high prefabrication featured in the ICARE/IKARUS kits. This aerobatic ship features the versatile HQ airfoil which gives him a smooth and fast flying characteristic. It is fully aerobatic, has a wide speed range, races well. Perfect on the slope or behind a tow plane. It can also be winched.

Four mini servos will have to be fitted in the wings for the ailerons and airbrakes, two standard sized servos will be used for the elevator and rudder which are respectively actuated via a pushrod and a cable pushrod. Even a tow release might be fitted in the nose for aero towing.

This RTF kit is coming with a high quality white epoxy Fiberglas fuselage, and has the wing joiner carrying tube installed. The sheeted and Fiberglas reinforced foam wings are covered, no additional work is required on the wings, except installing the wing servo. The elevator is finished and covered, as is the rudder. A clear plastic canopy and a canopy tray is supplied and has to be assembled. Only a few hours are required to finish this glider. Detailed instructions and a hardware package are completing the kit.


- Epoxy glass fuselage with a white epoxy gelcoat.
- Wings covered with Oracover.
- Clear canopy.
- Cockpit.
- Wings 2 pieces with wing joiners, foam tail unit with obechi wood covering.
- Double-high airbrakes, 370 mm long, already installed.
- Hardware, instructions, stickers.

mdm FOX 4.0 m ARF kit, price: N/A $ US


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