Scale Gliders > 4m

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Scale Gliders < 4m
Scale Gliders > 4m
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Standard Kit Molded Kit

ASW28 4m

H-201 Standard Libelle 4.0m

L23-Super Blanik 4m

Salto H101 4m

ASH-26 4m

Moswey 4

ASW-28-18 4.1 m

Cirrus-V 4.5m

DG-800S/M 3.5-4.2 m

L-213 A 4.6m

DG-800S 3.75-4.5m

SB-9 4.5m

Ventus 2cx 4.3m

Salto H101 4.5m

ASG-29, 4.8m

DG-600/M 4-4.8 m

Ka6e 4.2m

DG-1000/M 4.8-5.3 m

ASK-21 4.2m

Discus 2b/2bM 4 m
Nimbus 4 - Click to enlarge
Nimbus 4 6m

Discus 2b 4m

ASH-26/M 6 m

Discus 4.3 m

DG-600 5-5.6 m

SB-14 5.14m

DG-800S 5-6 m

ASG-29 5m

DG-808B 6m

Pilatus B4 4.5 m

DFS-Habicht 3.8 m

SZD-59, 5.3-6m

DFS-Reiher III 5.4m

Ventus 2ax 5 m

Schempp-Hirth Gö-3 Minimoa 4.8 m

Ventus 2c 5-6 m

KA-7, 5.3m

Ventus 2c/M 4-4.85 m

Discus 2b/2c 5 m

Ventus 2cx 4.8 m

LF-20 6.6 m

Lunak LF-107 4.75m

Nimbus 4D/DM 7 m

ASH-26/M 6 m

Duo Discus 6.06m

DG-600 5.13m

Ventus 2c 5-6 m
Duo Discus X 5,33 m
Duo Discus X 5.3 m

Antares 20E

ASW-22BL 5.3m

Ventus 2cx 6 m

HpH 304 Shark 6m

Windex 1200c

ASG-29 6m

ASK-21 6m

Swift S1 4.66-5.5 m

ASH-31 7.2-8.4m

DG-303 Elan Acro 6.5m

Arcus 6.6m

Nimbus 4D/DM 7 m

Arcus 8m

Ventus 2cx 7.5m

ASG-29, 7.5-9m

Nimbus 4 10m


*FG: all molded.
ready to fly sheeted foam wing.

*Super scale
(TM): This is an exclusive feature of many scale gliders offered by ICARE. It means that the kit comes with an extensive cockpit outfit already done, which may include, but can vary slightly from kit to kit:
Molded instrument mushroom, molded seat and and cockpit interior. Various instruments, sticks, levers, handles, map, camera, various stickers, seat cushioning, seat belts, sliding vent window, full size canopy opening mechanism, side or front.


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