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Duo-Discus X


Scale: 1:2.5
Wing Span: 8 m (315)
Length: 3.4 m (134")
Wing Airfoil: HQw 3/15 moulded wings
Wing area 250 dm2 (27sq/ft)
Flying Weight: ~ 25 kg (55 lbs)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini servos for the wings.

   Maiden flight video

The Duo Discus X manufactured by Schempp-Hirth, is te latest version of this gorgeous two seater high performance open class (18 m) glider. We at ICARE are very proud to offer here a (1:2.5) giant super-scale reproduction of this very high performance glider.
The Duo Discus X had following changes:
  - Airbrake, flaps mix system
  - New landing gear
  - Winglets

This kit is like a full size, retrieves most technology of the original, fully molded, with hollow molded wings. We can start with the cockpit which has been detailed to its extreme, with little bits. By looking closely, you can imagine how many moulds had to be produces in matter to be able to create all the required parts. Everything is there and very accurately reproduced, like the stick is moveable and has a leather base. All instruments covered with a glass. Adjustable seat belt, cushioned seats, tubular metal reinforced head rest. Just incredible all the work that has been put into this ship, giant work for a giant aircraft. To produce the airframe over 30 moulds are needed. Canopy opens like full size to the size and a hatch accessible through the vent window locks it in place. A canopy sun cover is also in the kit. A special 150mm wheel landing gear has been manufactured for this aircraft as well.

The wings use the interlocking, floating wing joiner system. Wing tips attach to the wing by means of clever push pin device, that allows a quick release. One and half foot airbrakes, specially manufactured for this airplane are all metal. All servo bays are pre-moulded for easy servo installation.

What about flying? No doubt, just awesome. This is the greatest ship we have ever tried. Once it floats around the sky, you don't get the feel that this could be a scale ship, flies just the real one. Imagine flying a 5 miles cross country triangle course on GPS, sitting in your chair at your flying field, that buddy will  you do it.

Possible options:

  - Complete finished cockpit interior
  - Scale pilot
  - Water ballast, 2 or 4 tanks, for 5 or 10kg ballast
  - complete electric servo wire harness installed
  - hydraulic brake on landing gear
  - painted fuselage
  - customer paint scheme
  - ready for self launch system

prices are indicative and subject to change according current exchange rate

Duo Discus X, 8 m, RTF kit, all moulded super scale, price tag: 8000.00 U$, inquiry for current pricing
-Complete cockpit interior
-Complete servo wire harness installed
-White re-painted fuselage
-Anti collision paint scheme
-Optional water ballast, price
-Retract brake option

Duo Discus X T (8 m) RTF self launch glider kit, 26" unit, price: inquiry for quote!




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