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Wing Span: 0.99m (39")
Length: 700 mm (27.5")
Wing Area: 10.6 dm2 (164 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: 10% special
Wing Loading: 57.75 g/dm2 (14 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 600-700 g (21-25 oz)
Radio: Sub-micro servos and micro receiver
Motor Mega 16/15/3 to
Mega 16/35/1

Stiletto: designed for speed and dynamic flying

Easy to build and easy to fly, this small electric racer will fill the enthusiasts with big thrills, even if you are not control stick aces!

It is perfect as a step up for more amusement. As the Stiletto is not a very demanding model and requires little time to be ready for the flight (you can transport it fully assembled in the car). It can be very fats with the right setup yet remains stable even at high speeds

It is a pleasant racer trainer equipped with a 3S LiPo battery pack, but becomes a small rocket with a 4S pack.

The Stiletto will give you the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of speed.


  • Fuselage: Fiberglas epoxy moulded, gelcoated.
  • Wing and stab: Hollow moulded, fibreglass sandwich, painted in the moulds
  • Hardware: motor mount, elevator push rod, music wire, snap-keeper, plywood reinforcements, screws...
  • Stickers
  • Step by step building instructions
  • Complete power package available upon request

Stiletto ARF pylon racer, price: 329.00U$, intro offer: 309.00U$


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