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Avionik D-06


Wing Span: 1.315 m (51.8")
Wing Area: 14  dm2 (217 sq. in.)
Stab. Area: 1.5 dm2 (23.2 sq. in.)
Total Area: 15.5 dm2 (240.3 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: RL1PYmod (7.4 %)
Wing Loading: 65 g/dm2 (20.5 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1007 g (35.5 oz)
Radio: Sub-micro servos and micro receiver
Motor Lehner / HP220 / Mega F5D


One of the latest design for pylon racing Sergey Sobakin, still following the F5D rules, so slightly larger then its predecessor the D-99. The Avionik F5D-06 FAI is one of the most used F5D ship in WC and very successful. Construction uses highest, full size aircraft, technology. Design has been optimized by Computer simulation. A very fast and efficient airplane. It is currently the best and fastest commercially available electric pylon racer on the market.

The weight and construction of the different components of the model are:

  • Fuselage: Kevlar/carbon, high pressure 10 kg/m2.

  • Wing: sandwich of full carbon - balsa - Fiberglas, carbon spar (full span ailerons).

  • Stabilizer: sandwich of Fiberglas/carbon - balsa - Fiberglas.

  • Requires 30mm spinner, for use with 4.7 x 4.7 or 5 x 5 Cam prop.

  • Complete power package available upon request

F5D Avionik D-06, price: N/A


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