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Wing Span: 3.46 m (136")
Wing Area: 69.1 dm2 (1071 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: AG40 - AG4x
Wing Loading: 25* - 31* g/dm2 (8 - 10 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 2.05 kg (72 oz)
Radio: Micro servos in the wings and mini servos or regular equipment in the fuselage

The SuperStarlight has been designed to fulfill the pilots wish list for a standard class cruciform tail thermal duration machine. The increased wingspan, follows the current trend for huge floater. While the use of famous Drela airfoil tends to give great wind penetration, for a light aircraft, and excellent climb rate in thermal. The cross tail gives crisp and accurate control to the airplane. The complete tail assembly is pre built and assembled. Ball bearing bellcrank, rudder post, rudder, pushrods are all installed. The very slim low drag fuselage is full Kevlar/carbon with 2.4GHz friendly receiver area. A very competitive airframe.

SuperStarlight D-box kit content:
Completely molded airframe, wings are sturdy carbon D-box construction, ready for servo installation. Kevlar/carbon fuselage comes again ready for servo installation with pushrod installed as well as a ballast tube.

Super Starlight D-Box, F3J, TD, price: 1599.00U$

Following options and accessories are also available:

  • Custom paint scheme.
  • Servo packages (JR, Futaba, Hitec), ask for pricing.
  • Prewired servo harness


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