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Wing Span: 3.1 m (122")
Wing Area: 64 dm2 (992 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: SA7035
Wing Loading: 25* - 31* g/dm2 (8 - 10 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.6* - 2.1* kg (56 - 74 oz)
Radio: Micro servos in the wings and mini servos or regular equipment in the fuselage
* depending on chosen option.  

The Artemis is an all molded thermal duration or F3J glider. Evolution of the very popular Hera, the Artemis std, LT, XLT (extra light) and KC (Kevlar/carbon) (F3J) received some technical improvement. Great handling and low sink rate with still excellent L/D leads to a very hard to beat model in thermal duration contests, it also has a great value to performance ratio hardly found on the market. 

The Artemis retrieves the best from the Hera and adds following features:

  • The center panel has now a one degree dihedral.
  • The wing saddle integrates the wing to the fuse more aerodynamically.
  • The tips feature a very subtle curved shape.
  • Pre-molded servo pocket, can receive JR341 or similar servos.
  • Top exit for the flap linkage, leads to a stiff and very accurate flap control.
  • The tail attachment has been modified to ease the control attachment.
  • One ballast tube.
  • Longer nose to ease balance with less lead.

Artemis standard kit content:
Strong colored Fiberglas fuse with removable nose cone and molded servo tray. V-tail ball linked pushrods are installed. One ballast tube, on the bottom of the fuse, below the wings, which can accept up to one pound of weight. The Artemis has an adjustable tow hook to optimize hand tows. Hollow core molded wings are in three pieces. Center panel bolts down to the fuse and tips are connected to the center panel by means of rectangular carbon wing joiner and two locating pins. V-tail is one piece and bolt on. All moving parts are gapless hinged. Molded servo cover, Allen key and all needed hardware is included. Average weight is 67-69 oz.

Artemis KC kit content:
Artemis KC has been optimized to withstand the worst abuse in thermal duration competition and F3J, it features a carbon D-box reinforced wing. The wing comes out at about with a couple of onces more weight but with tremendous increase in strength and stiffness. The fuselage is a mix of Kevlar/carbon lay-up and weights the same as the standard nose-cone type fuselage or you can get the LT, canopy type fuselage, saving the 4oz. The target was to achieve an all up weight of 68-70 oz.

Artemis LT kit content:
Artemis LT has been optimized for serious thermal duration competition, it features a regular wing. It is light yet strong. The fuselage is single piece and has a carbon canopy, it weights 4 oz less then a regular 3 pieces fuselage. The target was to achieve an all up weight of 63-66 oz.

Artemis XLT kit content:
Artemis XLT is the weapon for AMA Thermal Duration contest (TD), it features an extra light wing. It can be considered as a huge hand launch glider. The fuselage is the same single piece fuselage with carbon canopy as the LT, it weights 4 oz less then a regular 3 pieces fuselage. The target was to achieve an all up weight of 59-62 oz. This extra light version is fully winch zoom launchable, the additional weight saving was mage in the lay-up of wing skins, so particular care by handling this plane must be taken.

Artemis std, F3J, TD, price: tbd

Artemis KC, F3J, TD, price: tbd

Artemis LT, F3J, TD, price: tbd

Artemis XLT, F3J, TD, price: tbd

Following options and accessories are also available:

  • Custom paint scheme.
  • Servo packages (Volz, Hitec), ask for pricing.
  • Premade wing servo harness.
  • Preinstalled servo tray and ballast tube for canopy type fuselage.
  • Carry bags.

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