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Wing Span: 2.8 m (110")
Wing Area: 60 dm2 (999 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: RG 15
Wing Loading: 35 g/dm2 (999 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.9 - 2.1 kg (999 - 999 oz)
Radio: Micro servos in the wings
and regular equipment in the fuselage

The Hades is the slope (F3F) or F3B version of Hera. It has a shorter fuselage and wings, and plenty of carbon reinforcement to withstand the high stress of fully ballasted high speed runs. The Hades is also available as a F3J light version as windy plane.

Standard kit content:
Strong colored Fiberglas fuse with removable nose cone and molded servo tray. V-tail pushrods are installed. The Hades has two ballast tubes, on the bottom of the fuse, below the wings, which can accept up to two pounds of lead. The Hera has an adjustable tow hook to optimize hand tows. Hollow core molded wings are in three pieces. Center panel bolts down to the fuse and tips are connected to the center panel by means of rectangular carbon wing joiner and two locating pins. All moving parts are gapless hinged. Molded servo cover and Allen keys for the different bolts are included.

Hades, F3B/J, F3F, price: N/A

Hades, F3B, F3F, all carbon, price: N/A

Following options and accessories are also available:

  • Custom paint scheme.
  • Servo packages (Volz, Hitec).
  • Carrying bags.

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