In this section you will find different videos taken by customer or by ICARE/IKARUS. This is the reason why there will be different video format. We invite you to get the appropriate media player to be able to view the different videos adequately. Video are classified in following categories:

Scale glider with self launch system Scale gliders Slope gliders and DLG
Electrics and Helicopters Indoor  

Scale Glider With Self Launch System (SLS)

Video description File type, size
ASH-25Mi, 6.6-6.9m, SLS wmv file
1.8 meg
DG-600M, (4.0-4.8 m), take off, climb, fly by... wmv file
4.2 meg
Small Nimbus 4DM 3.3 m (SLS) mov file
5.3 meg
Ventus 2cM 6 m (SLS)   mov file
6.7 meg
Soon Duo Discus T  
ASW-27, 4m, electric assisted wmv file
3.2 meg


Scale Glider

Video description File type, size
DG-600, super scale, 4-4.8 m, on aerotow takeoff and thermal flight wmv file
3 meg
This little beauty flown on sandy dunes, discus 2b all molded 2.5 m wmv file
1.36 meg
DG-303 Elan Acro, 3.3m, on the slope wmv file
3.5 meg
DG-1000, super scale FG, 3.2-3.7m wmv file
4 meg
A series of short videos of the 2.6 m Lunak on a windy slope.

Video 1, wmv file, 1.5 meg
Video 2,
wmv file, 1.7 meg 
Video 3,
mov file, 592 kb
Video 4
, mov file, 516 kb 



Slope Glider And DLG

Video description File type, size
The Nemesis is one of the fastest slope plane in the 60" category wmv file
1.5 meg
Some quiet slope flying with the Osiris DLG wmv file
1.4 meg
Easy aerobatics with the Kubutin 3D glider

Video 1, mov file, 3.3 meg
Video 2, mov file, 800 kb
Video 3, mov file, 680 kb



Electrics and Helicopters

Video description File type, size
Logo 10 high voltage,
with Orbit 25-14 and 8S2P

Video 1, wmv file, 4.2 meg
Video 2, wmv file, 9.8 meg


Cheetah Speed 400 pylon racer wmv file
1.9 meg
Firecat, vertical take-off mov file
1 meg
Kabriolin, vertical take-off mov file
4 meg
Koleos-e, Speed 400 LMR glider mov file
2.2 meg
Electric flying wing "The Bizz" electric, with stock speed 400 6 V and 7 cells avi file
1.3 meg



Video description File type, size
Jason Shulman enjoying Quasar at Aerobatic Forum 2005 in Guelph, ON. wmv file
4.3 meg
Quasar demonstrated at Model Hobby 2004 wmv file
8.3 meg


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