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EMA power pod


Weight complete: ~200g (7 oz)
Motor (Basic) Outrunner
Motor (Power) Inrunner with planetary gearbox
Battery: 3S1P LiPo from 1200mAh up
Motor controller: 40 A (installed)
Prop (Basic): Cam 12 x 6 folding
Prop (Power): Cam 13 x 7 folding


Power edition:

New EMA scale power pods, for scale glider applications, see below.

The idea with EMA power pod plug and play design, was to simplify life for all those flying TD ships and wanted to get some stick time on their preferred ship, and this without the need to lay out their  histart or winch.
The EMA is designed to fit any glider that has a bolt on wing, so all what you have to do when you get the unit is transfer the hole pattern to the unit and bolt it on top of the wing. Plug the esc wire to a free channel, plug the battery, and you are ready for a flight session.

Highlights are :

  • Easy bolt on and plug-in device

  • Easy installation on any bolt on wing

  • No more need of hi-start or winch

  • No more need of hi-start or winch

  • No need for electric conversion, no need of electric fuselage

  • Minimal performance drawback due to clean, light and low drag design

  • Great for light wing sloping

  • Ideal for thermal duration practice

  • Up to 5min motor runtime 

EMA power edition is rated for gliders up to 4m span and 4kg
EMA basic is rated for gliders up to 3.2m span and 3kg

Unit comes ready to use, motor and esc are installed and wired (battery is extra), just solder your battery connector to the esc leads (or you can purchase the unit with battery ready run), transfer the bolt pattern to the base, and go fly.

EMA power pod, power edition, planetary geared motor, price: 417.00 U$ 
EMA power pod, basic,
outrunner motor, price: 325.00U$, intro offer 309.00U$

Basic edition

EMA scale power pods:
Model type Battery/Power Application/Span Price U$
EMA scale 200 3S / 200W Scale / Vintage glider Multi task glider
3 m span
EMA scale 300 3S / 300W Scale / Vintage glider Multi task glider
3.5 m span
EMA scale 400 3S / 400W Scale / Vintage glider Multi task glider
4 m span
EMA scale 500 3S / 500W Scale / Vintage glider Multi task glider
4.5 m span
EMA scale 600 4S / 600W Scale gliders up to 6kg 619.00
EMA scale 800 6S / 800W Scale gliders up to 8kg 699.00
EMA scale 1000 6S / 1000W Scale gliders up to 10kg 749.00
EMA scale 1100 6S / 1200W Scale gliders up to 11kg 799.00
EMA scale 1200 10S / 1200W Scale gliders up to 12kg 939.00
EMA scale 1400 10S / 1400W Scale gliders up to 14kg 999.00
EMA scale 1600 10S / 1600W Scale gliders up to 16kg 1069.00
EMA scale 1800 10S / 1800W Scale gliders up to 18kg 1129.00



EMA scale 800  on a DG600, wingspan: 5,3m, flying weight 8,3Kg
Powered by a  EMA scale 800 ( with controller, battery and balancing lead) the additional weight is only 480g. or ~1lbs.
Motor runtime with 6s LiPo 5000mAh approx 8 min
Climb rate approx 4m/sec
Total climb height 1900m ( 6270 feet) !!!



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