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Pitlab SkyAssistant Vario-logger for RC Sailplanes, Price 339.00U$, on sale at 319.00

  • Voice announcement of altitude
  • Voice announcement of on-board battery voltage
  • Voice announcement of temperature
  • Up to 10 hours of data logging
The SkyAssistant is a small on-board device which indicates the model's vertical speed by an audible signal. Lift is indicated by a pulsed tone with rate and frequency of the pulses depending on the climb rate. Sink is indicated by a low, continuous tone depending on the sink rate. Audible signal and voice messages are transmitted by radio and can be received on standard LPD, PMR or FRS radio (FRS for US version). Here are samples of the vario tone and voice messages.
The SkyAssistant Vario will work with any FRS (Family Radio Service) radio or an RF scanner that covers the 462MHz and 467MHz bands. I get the best performance with my Icom scanner, but scanners are relatively expensive. I also get good performance with Icom FRS radios, but again, they are not the most economical. Over the next few weeks I will be testing various FRS radios that cost as little as $30. I'll post the results and any recommendations here.
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