The plane …



an electrified

Composite-ARF  Yak 55SP

Pilot = Manfred Greve











2.6m (102")
2.3m (91")
13.5 kg (30 lbs.)

100 cc   ??? NOT! *




9 Servos


From the pages …

     The Yak-55SP is possibly the best flying plane ever. Well, this is confirmed by a lot of customers, who own and fly one of our big 3.3m flagships. The Yak is the straightest flying plane we have made. No knife-edge coupling at all, very constant speed in up- and down lines, perfect snaps and unbeatable 3D capabilities.

     Now it is finally done! We have managed to make the Yak in a 2.6m (102") version. And would you believe it, it flies just as well as the big one. It has all the great characteristics, and powered by a 100 cc engine it really has a great performance envelop.

     We are glad to announce that the prototype of this marvel exceeded all our expectations of the performance of a 2.6m aerobatic plane. For two reasons: Well, it's a Yak on the one hand, and on the other hand, it's a Composite-ARF....


* Instead they installed a Plettenberg Predator 30/8
                                              brushless electric motor …

     See that big hole in the spinner? 
                 That’s to let the air through for cooling …


     Yes, @50Volts and 220Amps they’re running 11KiloWatts of power through this 5” diameter OutRunner … NO GEARS!


rpm/V = 128    …    1350grams/3-lbs.    …    about 15H.P.


Looks like Plettenberg will market the motor as a 10KW motor but it has already been estimated to as much as 13KW at computed maximum V’s ‘n A’s …



More information and pictures and video coming soon …


In the meantime …

the power plant

1.       Plettenberg Predator 30/8

2.       EMCOTEC 14S3P LiPo Battery Pack w/new 5.5mm Connectors

3.       EMCOTEC LiPo Balancers

4.       schulze ESC Future-40 160H



 Video 1   Video 2    Video 3