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Schempp-Hirth style
Length x Height, Weight Glider Span Price $ US per pair
250 mm x 10 mm, 25 g 3 m 44.00
250 mm x 16 mm, 42 g 4 m 44.00
300 mm x 16 mm, 52 g 4.5 m 49.00
370 mm x 16 mm, 60 g over 4.5m 56.00

Electric airbrakes

Length x Height, Weight Glider Span Price $ US per pair
185 mm x 10 mm, 30g ea. 2-2.8m 85.00
250 mm x 10 mm, 33g ea. 3 m 89.00
300 mm x 16 mm, 55g ea. > 3.5 m 99.00
440 mm x 16 mm, 96g ea. > 4.5m 109.00

New! Electrically driven spoilers, connects directly to the receiver, has proportional travel.

Installing and adjusting airbrakes has often been a pain, now with these new electric driven airbrakes, no additional hardware is needed, just drop them in the well and connect to the receiver.

The servo motor and the drive gears are directly integrated in the airbrakes, no need of an external actuating servo with complicated linkages.

- Integrated locking system avoids the airbrakes to be sucked open from the closed position
- no electricity consumption from the motor in locked position.
- Double metal blades Schempp-Hirth type for an optimal braking effect.

Delivered in pairs (right and left).


  • Input voltage: 4,8-6,0V 
  • Electrical motor pulse: 1.50.3μs (works with all current radio brands) 
  • Lead wire length: 420mm approx. (JR connector)


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